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We are pleased to announce the LIA-CLUSPOM Conference which will be held during June 5th to 8th, 2018 in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

This LIA-CLUSPOM conference arises from the International Laboratory created by the CNRS in 2014, associating the Institute of Chemical Sciences in Rennes (ISCR), Institute Lavoisier of Versailles (ILV) and the Nikolaiev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (NIIC, Russia). The main objective of the LIA-CLUSPOM was the development of innovative chemistry resulting from building bridges between metal-atoms clusters and polyoxometalate compounds.

While both types of chemistry have been considered incompatible and each belonging to distinct areas of research for a long time, the LIA-CLUSPOM aimed to develop pioneered scientific projects at the frontier delimited by chemistries of these two classes of inorganic molecular objects, basically described as electron-rich and electron-poor species. Actually, such a long-term scientific challenge opens the way toward unrivalled fields of research, suitable for significant breakthroughs and innovations in molecular synthesis, self-assembly processes, supramolecular chemistry, surface assembly, non-conventional and composite materials.

In such a context, the LIA-CLUSPOM conference will cover a multidisciplinary research area involving catalysis, medicine & biology, theoretical calculations and materials and thereby, we anticipate fruitful discussions on the latest topics during several plenary and keynote lectures, contributed talks, and poster presentations. 

We welcome all of you to attend this 2018 LIA-CLUSPOM Conference in Gif and look forward to letting you excited by sharing excellent science.